Autism Caregiver Training


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) now affects 1 in 58, with diagnosed rates continuing to dramatically increase. Autism Spectrum Disorder is the fastest growing and most commonly diagnosed the neurological disorder in Canada. (Autism Speaks Canada, 2017) Due to the many challenges of living with Autism, including : communication; sensory; behavior; gross motor; fine motor; daily living skills and more – this segment of the population is often unable to communicate pain, unable to maintain their own health & daily hygiene, show super heightened responses to sensory inputs and often cannot tolerate the “regular” healthcare environment. Medical, health, safety and daily living manifestations go undetected … and untreated … far more than the general population. This program will help understand the reasons for, preventative measures for and caregiving requirements for the many common manifestations as a result of living with ASD. We will delve into dealing with challenging behaviors and communication barriers as a result of living with Autism, as well as the impact on your role of being an “Autism Care Specialist.”

Basic & Advanced Curriculum

• Autism – what it is – what it means
• Your Role as an Autism Care Specialist
• biomedical considerations
• increased safety issues = 24/7 supervision
• reinforcement, rewards, reinforcement schedules
• speech … speech and more speech
• PECS, Sign, Visuals
• OT
• sensory considerations
• social inclusion and modeling considerations
• behaviour
• daily living skills / compliance at home
• eating / sleeping / toileting
• playtime therapy
• video modelling
• the environment = adapted medical/healthcare environments = having an autism friendly practice/environment
• the school system
• working with support teams = the family / the therapy team / the school team
• advocacy … advocacy and more advocacy
• seizures
• all the way to adults with autism
• so now you’re an Autism Care Specialist = now what
• involvement and contribution in the world of autism

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