Computer Applications

40 Hours each
Level of Training
Continued Education

Basic computer (Level 1)

This program is designed for those students new to computers and for those who want to expand their understanding of how computers can be effectively integrated into the daily life of a person. It will provide students with a solid foundation in computer concepts and skills related to PC’s and compatible computers. Students will receive a systematic introduction to the hardware components of a personal computer, as well as, significant instruction about MS Office software applications.

Advanced computers (Level 2)

As a continuation of the Computer Applications Level 1 course, this program provides a wider platform for students to develop greater awareness and confidence using personal computers. The training covers advanced-level features including Keyboarding accuracy and speed development. During the training, students will progress into more complex assignments using effectively the features of the software applications by adding components such as customized lists, tables, charts, and graphics. Achieving a working level in the areas of Word Processing, Numerical Processing, Database Management, Personal Information Management, and Office Presentations is the core objective of the course.

Prerequisites: Computer Applications Level 1

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