Postgraduate Programs

What do our Postgraduate programs offer?

A1-Global College offers many different Postgraduate programs to students in various fields. Business, Healthcare,  Hospitality & Nutrition are all very popular programs that may interest you as a student. We offer the students key Majors that can directly impact there learning and advance their career. 

Why Study Here?

Provided by A1-Global College , this programme is available by distance learning, allowing you to study flexibly while balancing work and personal lifes. All our programs are built for hard working adults, and we get that you have a busy life, hence we cater our offering so it fits your schedules. 

We welcome International Students!

But before we continue, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Checkout our International Student section before you continue with your applications process!

Majors Offered



Hospitality & Nutrition

Courses Available:

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