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Empowering Long-Term Care through Education: Ontario’s Investment in Long-Term Care Staff

Empowering Long-Term Care through Education: Ontario's Investment in Long-Term Care Staff

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The Ontario government’s recent announcement of a $100 million investment to train over 32,000 personal support workers (PSWs) and nurses highlights a significant step towards enhancing the quality of care in long-term care facilities.

This blog explores the initiative’s impact and how A1-Global College of Health, Business & Technology aligns its Personal Support Worker program with these goals, offering a promising pathway for those looking to enter the long-term care sector.

Ontario’s Commitment to Long-Term Care

Investment Overview: More than $100 million is being directed into two key programs aimed at bolstering the workforce in long-term care homes over the next three years.

Program Goals: These initiatives aim to recruit and retain tens of thousands of long-term care staff as part of the government’s Your Health plan, addressing the critical need for skilled care providers.

Enhancing Training and Opportunities

Preceptor Resource and Education Program for Long-Term Care (PREP LTC): With a $94.5 million investment, this program focuses on extending clinical placement opportunities for nursing and PSW students, aiming to support over 31,000 new placements by 2027.

Living Classrooms Expansion: An investment of nearly $11 million will double the number of living classrooms, providing on-site training in long-term care homes and facilitating the education of up to 1,300 new PSWs by 2026.

A1-Global College’s Role in Shaping Future PSWs

A1-Global College of Health, Business & Technology, with its comprehensive Personal Support Worker program, is poised to contribute significantly to this initiative. Here’s how:

Hands-On Training: Aligning with the province’s emphasis on practical experience, A1-Global College offers extensive hands-on training, preparing students for the realities of long-term care work.

Living Classroom Approach: The college’s approach mirrors the living classrooms concept, blending theoretical knowledge with real-world application in care settings.

Addressing the Workforce Demand: By preparing students for immediate entry into the long-term care sector, A1-Global College helps fill the critical shortage of skilled care providers.

Check out and apply to our PSW program (https://a1globalcollege.ca/personal-support-worker/)

The Path Forward

Government Incentives: With incentives of up to $25,400 for students and recent graduates, Ontario is making a career in long-term care more attractive, acknowledging the essential role of PSWs and nurses in providing high-quality care.

Future Prospects: The government’s investment extends beyond immediate training, aiming to create thousands of new positions for PSWs and nurses and significantly enhance long-term care facilities’ capacity by 2028.


Ontario’s investment in training and education for long-term care staff is a laudable step towards addressing the sector’s challenges. A1-Global College of Health, Business & Technology stands at the forefront, ready to empower future personal support workers with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in this evolving landscape. Through initiatives like PREP LTC and the expansion of living classrooms, Ontario is not just investing in healthcare education but is also investing in the well-being of its most vulnerable citizens, ensuring they receive the care and dignity they deserve.

This initiative underscores the critical importance of skilled healthcare professionals in long-term care and highlights the valuable contribution of educational institutions like A1-Global College in meeting Ontario’s healthcare needs. For those inspired to make a difference in the lives of seniors and individuals requiring long-term care, pursuing a PSW program at A1-Global College offers a direct path to a rewarding and impactful career.

For more information on the Ontario government’s initiative and A1-Global College’s PSW program, visit [Ontario’s official announcement] and explore A1-Global College’s offerings to start your journey towards a fulfilling career in long-term care.

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