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Ontario PNP draw February 6th 2024

Ontario PNP draw February 6th 2024

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Bridging Skills with Opportunities

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) serves as a crucial bridge for skilled professionals seeking permanent residency in Canada. The recent draw on February 6, 2024, emphasizes Ontario’s commitment to strengthening its healthcare sector by inviting skilled healthcare professionals. A1-Global College of Health, Business & Technology plays a pivotal role in this landscape, offering programs aligned with Ontario’s needs. Here’s a breakdown of the key components of this synergy:

Understanding Ontario’s PNP Draw

Date and Scope: On February 6, 2024, Ontario conducted a targeted draw under its Express Entry- Human Capital Priorities (HCP) Stream, issuing 2,086 Notifications of Interest (NOIs) to candidates in healthcare occupations.

Targeted Occupations: The draw focused on a wide range of healthcare-related National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes, highlighting the demand for a diverse set of healthcare professionals.

CRS Score Range: Candidates with CRS scores between 379-430 were invited, indicating the program’s inclusivity for a broad range of skilled workers​​​​.

A1-Global College: Education Programs 

Program Offerings: A1-Global College offers relevant programs such as Personal Support Worker (PSW), Phlebotomy, Medication Administration, and Medical Office Assistant, tailored to meet the demands of Ontario’s healthcare sector.

Skill Development: These programs are designed to equip students with essential skills and practical experience, and bridging the gap in between provinces health care needs and currently available health care worker.

The Importance of Healthcare Occupations in Ontario’s PNP

Economic and Social Impact: The inclusion of healthcare occupations in the PNP draw reflects Ontario’s strategic approach to addressing immediate and long-term healthcare system needs.

Strengthening Healthcare Services: Skilled immigrants play a vital role in enhancing patient care and the overall health ecosystem in Ontario.

Navigating Changes in Immigration Programs

Dynamic Criteria: The OINP and its criteria are subject to change, reflecting the evolving needs of the province’s economy and labor market.

Staying Informed:
Prospective students and candidates must stay updated on the latest requirements and how A1-Global College’s programs can help meet these criteria.


A1-Global College of Health, Business & Technology is at the forefront of preparing skilled healthcare professionals for rewarding careers in Ontario. Through its targeted programs, the college not only enhances the employability of its graduates but also directly contributes to Ontario’s strategy of attracting skilled workers to support its healthcare sector. As Ontario continues to prioritize healthcare occupations in its PNP draws, the role of educational institutions like A1-Global College becomes increasingly significant. For those looking to secure a future in Ontario’s healthcare industry, A1-Global College offers a solid foundation for achieving their career goals.

For the latest updates on the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program, visiting the official Ontario government website is recommended​​.

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