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Upon successful completion of the minimum enrollment period of 60 days by the referring student, the referring friend will be eligible to receive the referral reward.

Refer a Friend Terms and Conditions
  1. Eligibility:
    • The referred friend must be a new student applying for enrollment at A1 Global College.
    • The referred student must have been enrolled at A1 Global College for a minimum of 60 days from the date of enrollment for the referring student to be eligible for the referral reward.
  2. Referral Process:
    • During the enrollment process, the referred friend must provide the necessary information of the referring student, including their full name, and any other required details.
    • Failure to provide accurate referral information during the enrollment process may result in the disqualification of the referral reward.
    • Referral information cannot be added retroactively after the enrollment process has been completed.
  3. Referral Reward:
    • Upon successful enrollment and completion of the minimum enrollment period of 60 days by the referring friend, the referring student will be eligible to receive the referral reward.
    • The referral reward amount and form (e.g., cash, voucher, discount) will be determined by A1 Global College and may vary based on the referral program terms at the time of enrollment.
    • The referral reward will be disbursed according to the guidelines outlined by A1 Global College, which may include crediting the referral amount to the student’s account or issuing it through an alternative method.
  4. Conditions:
    • The referral reward is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other alternative.
    • A1 Global College reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the referral program or any part of it at any time without prior notice.
    • Referral rewards are subject to verification and approval by A1 Global College, and any fraudulent or misleading referrals will result in disqualification from the referral program.
    • Referring students cannot refer themselves or create multiple accounts to benefit from the referral program unfairly.
  5. Disclaimer: A1 Global College reserves the right to interpret these terms and conditions and make final decisions regarding any disputes related to the referral program.

By participating in the referral program, referring students and referred friends acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions.