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Covid-19 update

Amid this virus, we are taking prompt actions to avoid spread.

Our campus will remain open with reduced staff, and all classes will now be available through “remote learning”. 

As we start to open according to local health providers, we are open but will only be accepting appointments based entry on to our campus!

You can find more information on Covid-19 below or contact us directly to ‘Book an appointment’!

See yourself supporting the executive team of a large corporation or working for a small business, managing payroll or accounting or perhaps launching a business of your own. Become a leader!

Looking for a career that’s in demand now and has a great future? Are you the type of person that wants to help people? Look no further than a rewarding career in the healthcare industry.


Our programs involve the student to be trained through hands-on training & practicum with potential employers.


Career Focused

Our in-demand programs with high student focus so our student’s are career ready in months!



We offer our students many different funding options. Financial Assistance may be available to those that qualify.



Our staff are one of most skilled in the industry. Qualified education is one our staff’s highest priority. 


A1- Global Alumni's

We have the largest and most diverse student database available! Many of our Student’s have achieved successful career’s on there focused education. 

Being established a well student graduation rate and graduation statisfaction among students. This helps show our student’s satisfaction in the growing labour market.