Student Services

Internship Program

We offer many different programs in our college that offer a ‘Practicum’ or Internship to students. Please be advised that not all our programs offer a pre-built internship, but for those that do, we recommend reading the guide. 

Student Login

The student login is a dashboard we have built for student’s to keep interactive by allowing the access to grades, schedule, finances, and a teacher’s posts for homework. This make’s the student communications much more efficient and makes for a clear process when a student enroll’s. 


There are muliple paths of transportation to our college, the very popular one is busing to our campus. Luckily, our campus is located very close public transportation. 

Here are some busing patheways that could help you to get to our campus:


Brampton Transit

Toronto Transit/TTC

Go Transit


We are located in the ‘Great Punjab Business Centre’ which offers upto 2000+ FREE parking. If you have a vehicle, this plaza will defiently accomdate you!

Student Growth Resources

Refer A Friend Program

The greatest compliment you can give us is referring a friend or family member to A1-Global. 

Job Board

We post all job inquiries sent to us or employers who are looking for employment to this job board. 

Success Stories

Best way to help your college grow is by sharing your story with prospective students!  This is the best way to tell students about your experience!

View some of our ‘Success Stories’! These students worked hard not only to obtain their Diploma, but also were successful in finding a job and progressing their career!